OpenGeo Suite

The power of OpenSource plus the reliability and support of a single, stable vendor

The OpenGeo Suite combines the power of Open Source with the reliability of a single vendor for one software bundle. The following software components constitute the OpenGeo Suite: OpenLayers – A Javascript library to display interactive maps in a browser GeoServer – A software written in Java to display and edit data compliant with standards GeoExt – A Javascript library to implement complex web mapping applications PostGIS – A library that enhances the PostgreSQL database with spatial functions GeoWebCache – A software that splits a mapservice into tiles and keeps them in a cache for speedy delivery GeoEditor – Edit geodata online! Styler - Style your geodata on the internet! GeoExplorer - A comfortable web mapping client based on OpenLayers and GeoExt

These components can be downloaded in a bundle called the OpenGeo Suite from our partner OpenGeo and can be installed with a few clicks of the mouse. An OpenGeo Suite support contract not only guarantees that you make best use of your time instead of spending it with tedious configurations but you also get unlimited bugfixing for components of the OpenGeo Suite during the duration of your contract! Don’t hesitate to talk to us, we are glad to help!