In the context of the German Federal IT investment program and commissioned by the Federal Agency for IT-Services (Bundesanstalt für IT-Dienstleistungen), our partner Wheregroup and terrestris developed the project wms2GO. It is the aim of wms2GO to be able to use WMS (Web Map Services) and WFS (Web Feature Services) on a mobile device (i.e. laptop or tablet-PC) without access to the internet. To do this terrestris developed a backend, which caches the WMS and WFS map services, and a configurable client. Our partner developed a middleware for the order management using the PHP framework “Symfony”. The project wms2GO has been published as an Open Source project and is available for download and further development at http://wms2go.sourceforge.net/. For pragmatic reasons the initial version does not contain the order management. With wms2GO the user can select any part of a WMS map and use it offline on a mobile device. The offline client is generated automatically and is provided as a zip-file. It contains the previously chosen mapextent, practical functions like the current GPS position, print module, displaying of georeferenced photos and the option to enter geometrical objects into the map and to export these. All that is needed for it to function offline is a web browser.