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Last year the “GeoPortal Koblenz” went online as a new service of the eGovernment offer of the city of Koblenz. This web application is to be used as a citizen portal, for internal purposes and also as a future INSPIRE-compliant portal for urban geodata.

It provides as thematic layers spatial information from various administrative areas in the urban area of Koblenz; Every citizen thus has free access to selected official data. In addition, geo-web services (WMS) of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate can also be integrated and displayed in the Koblenz geoportal.

You want to know if there are enough parking spaces at the CGM Arena Koblenz? Do you want to find out about the ground value of a specific district? You want to travel to Koblenz and have a look around the city in advance? Or do you simply need the current version of the official city map of Koblenz? The new geoportal of the city of Koblenz offers all this and much more.

The user can first access four different map services: “City Map”, “Building and Housing”, “Environment and Mobility” and “Land Guidelines”. Within the map services, there are again many different specialist topics: For example, in the “Building” theme, information symbols are displayed for the development plans with the corresponding areas of validity. If you click on one of the icons, further details are provided on an additional page. Electric charging points, day-care centres or multi-storey car parks are also stored as “Points of Interest” (POIs) in the map services.

Various maps are available as backgrounds: the official city map (in various versions), aerial photographs from the last 15 years, the WebAtlas Rhineland-Palatinate and the basic city map. In the future, the expansion of the initially trilingual offer will be on the agenda. For example, construction sites, data from the municipal statistics office, information on urban green spaces and 3D representations of selected locations could be integrated.

Technologically, the GeoPortal Koblenz relies on the open source WebGIS framework SHOGun developed by terrestris. The components OpenLayers and react-geo used in the client ensure that the end users can use the application with PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Source: Press release of the city of Koblenz (translated)

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