Keep up with the pace of the information society!

What is valid today can be out of date tomorrow. Developments in the area of WebGIS can be hard to keep up with except if you do it every day. But who has the time besides all the other things that need doing? We have made it our job to work with WebGIS technologies every day and offer you our knowledge in the form of compact trainings.

Individual trainings tailored to your needs

We conduct our trainings on your premises using your technical environment. We show you the fundamentals of WebGIS-applications in a practical context and teach you how to use necessary software. Training content is tailored to your needs. All trainers are practitioners and therefore know what they are talking about. This also guarantees that questions not directly related to the program can be answered with competence. For all trainings we provide ample material for further studies.

Our training offer:

We offer trainings regarding GIS / databases / SDI, Desktop-GIS-user traings  as well as web-programming and application development workshops for WebGIS-clients for beginners and advanced learners. Our trainings focus on the interaction of the various software components. In the past we have conducted trainings, workshops and seminars for the following topics:

  • Conceptualisation and implementation of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)
  • Web based geo information systems
  • OpenSource Desktop GIS: QGIS and gvSIG
  • PostgreSQL / PostGIS
  • UMN Mapserver
  • GeoServer
  • WMS tuning with MapProxy
  • Portal software Mapbender
  • Javascript-library OpenLayers
  • Development of web applications using PHP, JavaScript and AJAX
  • Mobile Client GXM
Use our concept of individual trainings for the best qualification of your staff. Just talk to us.