Whether regionally or nationwide – terrestris wants to take responsibility and get involved. As we are rooted in the region, we specifically promote regional conferences that serve as a platform for ideas and knowledge.
Since its foundation, terrestris has been an active member of the open source community and participates as a core developer in individual OSGeo software projects, acts as a charter member and organizes international and national conferences (FOSS4G and FOSSGIS).


  • OSGeo is a non-profit organization that promotes the worldwide distribution of open source geospatial technology and provides financial, organizational and legal support for the software projects and community.

  • FOSS4G is the abbreviation for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial. It is the annual global event organized by OSGeo since its inception in 2006.
    terrestris is a founding member of OSGeo. A special highlight is the FOSS4G 2016, which was located in Bonn. Partner Till Adams acted as chair of this conference from his position as 2nd chairman of FOSSGIS e.V.

  • FOSSGIS is the abbreviation for Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformation Systems. The FOSSGIS e.V. is a registered non-profit association. Partner of terrestris, Till Adams, is 2nd Chairman of FOSSGIS e.V.
    The FOSSGIS conference is the largest German-language conference for free geoinformation systems and free geodata. The annual conference is largely co-organized by terrestris employees.


We serve as a sponsor partner at the following conferences:

  • Bronze Sponsor at FOSS4G 2016
  • Gold Sponsor at FOSSGIS 2018
  • Silver Sponsor at OSGeo