Our partners

We work professionally and technically in a highly specialized area. Therefore, a network of partners who live our philosophy and are highly competent in their respective technical area is indispensable. There are close links with the here listed companies and institutions.

  • Boundless
    Boundless offers unlimited support for some of our basic components such as GeoServer and PostGIS. to website
  • Metaspatial
    Open Source GIS consulting and certifications. to website
  • Sourcepole
    Basic development of QGIS and thus leading provider for all spatial data infrastructures that are based on QGIS. to website
  • GBD Consult
    Provider of services and training for QGIS and GRASS GIS. to website
  • ForestFinest Consulting eG
    ForestFinest Consulting is a leading consultancy and service provider for sustainable land use projects. to website
  • Geosolutions
    With GeoSolutions we offer maintenance and support for GeoServer and GeoNetwork Opensource. to website
  • mundialis
    mundialis – free data with free software. Research and development with focus on remote sensing to website
  • Glamus
    Our partner für single solutions in internet-, intranet- and addressmanagement
    to website