About us

terrestris at a glance

Founded 2002
owner-managed and independent
15 employees
Headquartered in Bonn, Germany (7.14E/50.74N)
Our customers:
federal and state agencies, counties, municipalities and research institutions, private organizations and businesses
central enterprise in the German and international Open Source GIS community
sustainable problem solving

Our profile

We provide technology, services and products with open source software. We are particularly focused on the processing and presentation of spatial data with geographic information systems in all its forms.

The requirements of our customers are our yardstick and we offer solutions tailored to their specific needs. As a basis we use proven and widely used open source technologies. Based on this, we develop innovative solutions and systems that also often interact with other systems.

All this and our open-mindedness allow us to develop and offer solutions that actually satisfy all of our customers requirements. This is to our understanding also the core and basis for the fair and transparent customer relationship we strive for.

The main emphasis lies in the conception and development of spatial data infrastructures, web-based information systems and web mapping applications. We develop customized applications that can be operated intuitively and that can be optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones.

Our philosophy

We strive for sustainability also for our customers! – We develop and support high quality geospatial architectures and web applications. Here our services range from consulting to planning and conceptual design through to implementation and operation.

With these services, we focus on fairness and transparency, which, in our opinion, can only be reached through the use of Free and Open Source Software. Proprietary software, which creates dependencies through restrictive licensing models, counteracts sustainability. Free software allows you to fully achieve your purposes, expand, change and improve it. Access to the source code is a prerequisite for this. And the software itself comes free of charge. Nevertheless, appropriate licenses protect the continued existence of the software.

We are closely linked with the international open source community not only through personal contacts, but also by being an active part of it. We contribute to the development of free and open source projects and in this regard look back on many years of experience in participation. The advantage for our customers is obvious: adjustments can be directly implemented into the software and need not be a change set that lives on from version to version. We are aware of new trends at an early stage which we can incorporate directly into our developments and discussions.

Our assets are our employees , who will provide you with expertise and creativity in solving your problems. So if you want to sustainably develop demanding applications, please contact us. Or if you want to be part of the Open Source community itself, but are still unsure, just get in contact with us. We are convinced of our approaches and love discussing the various aspects of using Free and Open Source Software.

Our partners

We work professionally and technically in a highly specialized area. Therefore, a network of partners who live our philosophy and are highly competent in their respective technical area is indispensable. There are close links with the here listed companies and institutions.

  • Boundless
    Boundless offers unlimited support for some of our basic components such as GeoServer and PostGIS. to website
  • Metaspatial
    Open Source GIS consulting and certifications. to website
  • Sourcepole
    Basic development of QGIS and thus leading provider for all spatial data infrastructures that are based on QGIS. to website
  • GBD Consult
    Provider of services and training for QGIS and GRASS GIS. to website
  • ForestFinest Consulting eG
    ForestFinest Consulting is a leading consultancy and service provider for sustainable land use projects. to website
  • Boundless
    With GeoSolutions we offer maintenance and support for GeoServer and GeoNetwork Opensource. to website
  • mundialis
    mundialis – free data with free software. Research and development with focus on remote sensing to website
  • Glamus
    Our partner für single solutions in internet-, intranet- and addressmanagement
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