Unsere Eindrücke der FOSSGIS 2010 in Osnabrück

The annual FOSSGIS (Free and OpenSource Software for Geographical Information Systems) conference is a highlight of the year for terrestris. The conference took place from March 2nd to 5th 2010 in Osnabrück on the campus of the University and College. This year one more day was added to accomodate the first german speaking OpenStreetMap-conference. Besides free software as a natural focus of the conference a second emphasis was on free geodata provided by the OpenStreetMap-project. We deem this development to be very positive. What was the conference about? The whole OSGEO-software-stack concerning PostgreSQL/PostGIS, UMN Mapserver, Geoserver, OpenLayers, Mapbender, Mapfish (and others like GeoExt) was represented through high quality talks regarding applications and future potentials. From our point of view the program was balanced regarding the components used as well as the target audience. Attendance of the conference was surprisingly international: Of course there were lots of participants from german speaking countries like Austria, Switzerland and Germany but you could also meet people from the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. Besides the conference itself traditionally a number of user- and developer-meetings take place. As an example we can mention the Mapbender-Development-Sprint on March 05th where Marc Jansen represented terrestris. For a first time this year a “Birds of a Feather”-session (a presentation type known from the international mother conference FOSS4G) regarding “GeoJQuery” took place. Interested developers met here to discuss a new open source project that aims to combine the easy to use JavaScript-library jQuery with the geographical competence of OpenLayers. We were delighted as every year to meet customers and colleagues and discuss with them the developments of the GIS business. Besides maintaining old contacts a significant number of new contacts were made. We look forward to the work involved in following up on the ideas developed during the conference. In addition to this we often received congratulations for having written a book on “OpenLayers – web development with dynamic maps and geodata (sorry in german only)“. Conclusion: We would like to thank the organisers of the conference for a wonderful event (cue: catering). A demanding but very successful conference came to an end and we already look forward to the next FOSSGIS. When and where FOSSGIS 2011 will take place is as yet unknown but you can help find a location by joining the discussion on FOSSGIS e.V.. The company terrestris at the FOSSGIS (sorry, all talks in german):