Online-Dienst "Projection Utility" veröffentlicht

Have you ever had the need for a tool that is able to obtain an estimated optimal maximum BoundingBox for a given SRID or a list of appropriate SRIDs for a given Lon/Lat coordinate pair? Well, we had — That’s why terrestris built the online service to help in the described circumstances. The service “Projection Utility” has the following functionalities:
  1. Obtain an optimal bounding box for a projection (EPSG code)
  2. Obtain projections for a given geographic position (longitude/latitude)
The implementation is in PHP and the interfaces JSON und JSONP are offered. Examples: The service is available at and can be configured with URL parameters. Example 1 – Open the manual Example 2 – Request a bounding box for the coordinate system EPSG:31467 Example 3 – Request a list of appropriate coordinate systems for the city of Bonn Thanks to for building the base data of the service.