Interessante Masterarbeit zu vergeben

UN-SPIDER aims at providing universal access to all types of space-based information and services relevant to disaster management by being a gateway to space information for disaster management support, serving as a bridge to connect the disaster management and space communities, and being a facilitator of capacity-building and institutional strengthening. To achieve these goals UN-SPIDER is also planning to develop a web based mapping application which generates topographic base maps on-the-fly to provide disaster management support as part of the UN-SPIDER Knowledge Portal (KP) applications framework. This stand-alone solution is to be realised with open-source GIS components that are integrated into the drupal-based KP set-up. The goal is to set up a Web Mapping Application (Web Map Service and Web Feature Service) that combines various sources of global base data, e.g. Google MapMaker and OSM data, as well as other compiled resources. These can then be used in combination with disaster-relevant data from a new local UN-SPIDER map server, other OGC standard based map services or stand alone shapefiles, to quickly generate base maps and export them on-the-fly in various sizes and scales. The application will adhere to standards of the OGC and ISO to facilitate all-encompassing GIS compatibility. There should also be several user options for exporting the map data, such as multi-format adjustment or output image size. Considering the range of functions, developing a well designed and user friendly user Interface will be another main component of the proposed work. More precise requirements will be referred later. The WebMapping application described above will be a joint effort by UN-SPIDER and the company terrestris GmbH & Co KG, both located in Bonn, who are seeking a master-student to write her or his thesis on this subject. The company terrestris offers a principal workspace, its’ expertise regarding the implementation of open-source based WebMapping applications using PostGIS, OpenLayers, GeoEXt and MapFish and in general an inspiring working environment. UN-SPIDER offers a secondary workspace in their Bonn office (Langer Eugen) to ensure interaction with the UN-SPIDER staff, access and introduction to the Knowledge Portal and technical and programmatic guidance as required. Those interested in this project are kindly requested to submit their meaningful CVs to adams [at] terrestris [dot] de