Aktivitäten von terrestris im September und Oktober

September is approaching fast and terrestris would like to inform you about some imminent activities. Amongst these are:
  • Participation in FOSS4G in Denver, Colorado, USA
Mr. Adams and Mr. Jansen will travel to the USA to actively participate in this years FOSS4G. They will give two talks (1) (2) and apart from that will interact with the GIS specialists from various projects. As in the previous years they will return with an abundance of impressions, ideas and information regarding current trends. This will influence our work and benefit our customers. It is in the nature of things that these two people will not be available for projects from September 12th to 24th.
  • terrestris will move and has recruited reinforcements!
The new rental contract has been signed and we are busy preparing to move our business activities to Pützchens Chaussee 56, 53227 Bonn. We will move on Friday, September 16th, 2011, when we will not be reachable. We are trying to continue our business without interruption on September 19th from the new location. The new premises are big enough to accomodate two more staff who will commence their work with terrestris starting October 1st and November 1st respecitively.
  • InterGEO in Nuremberg
This year the InterGEO will take place from September 27th to 29th 2011 in Nuremberg and like last year terrestris will have a stand in the OSGeo-Park. If you are attending InterGEO please come and meet us at our booth.
  • terrestris code-sprint and retreat
The terrestris developers will meet in a remote place to be undisturbed while dedicating themselves to the advancement of various projects from October 10th – 14th, 2011. The ensuing weekend plus the following Monday, October 17th all terrestris staff will meet in conclave. This means that we will be working but won’t be reachable in the usual fashion. So, from October 10th to 17th there will also be service restrictions. As can easily be seen September and October are already busy months and the terrestris summer-holiday period is set to end in September too. We are making an effort to advance all projects to the satisfaction of our customers but ask for your understanding in the case that not all work can be accomplished in the usual quick manner.