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another Snack Sundown The second day of the terrestris code sprint in Palma de Mallorca, Spain had numerous valuable insights and results concerning open source geotechnologies as an outcome. To initialise an OWS test site (OWS stands for OpenGIS Web Service) which will be made available to the public after the code sprint, three identical Web Map Services based on different implementations (GeoServer, UMN Mapserver and QGIS Server) were set up including acceleration through tiling. Because many will know the question: “I need a free OWS for testing. Where can I get one?” Since we are often confronted with this same question have we decided to make such services permanently available for testing purposes. A Sensor Observation Service (SOS) based on the 52north implementation has also been initialised and will be filled with real-world data in the next couple of days.
First positive results regarding the migration of GeoExt to ExtJS 4 can be noted for the second day. Two base classes were migrated and a number of functions tested with the new possibilities of ExtJS 4.