GeoExt Codesprint Spring 2012

What is a Code-Sprint? A code sprint is something typically „open source“. The aim is to physically gather developers from all over the world in one location so that in the course of an intensive workshop the software is pushed ahead. The result of an OpenLayers workshop that took place last year were mobile operating functions which now benefit all users. GeoExt GeoExt enables building desktop-like GIS applications on the internet. The framework combines GIS functionality of the web mapping component OpenLayers with the elegant user interface of the javascript library ExtJS provided by the company Sencha. GeoExt is Free Software available under the BSD-license. ExtJS 4 The new version ExtJS 4 has been available for some time. ExtJS 4 offers many new and attractive functions like for example the possibility to draw diagrams and an API to Sencha Touch to create mobile applications. A so called Model-View-Controller architekture (MVC) was integrated, the API was enhanced, new classes were added and the documentation was completely reworked. GeoExt Codesprint 2012 GeoExt currently works with ExtJS 3. The API of ExtJS 4 however is quite different to its predecessor. To make the new ExtJS-functions available to GeoExt users GeoExt has to be adapted. That is the reason why in the Spring of 2012 a codesprint will take place with the target of developing GeoExt 2.0 on the basis of ExtJS 4. Participants are scheduled to come from the companies These companies provide core developers of GeoExt 1.x or have experience as service providers buildung applications with ExtJS 4, as for example the recently by terrestris developed GeoExt mobile library „GXM“ shows. For a gathering of 8 developers for 5 days an estimated budget of 40.000 € (52,000 US $) is needed. This will cover the costs of travel, accommodation and part of the costs for the developers. The rest of the costs will be borne by the participating companies. Sponsor search We are looking for sponsors for the above mentioned budget. Sponsors are welcome to input their priorities with regard to desired functionality in GeoExt 2.0. The developers will keep these priorities in mind but it can’t be guaranteed that these functions will be finally implemented since there might be dependencies with other parts of the software that might require more work. Directly after the codesprint all results will be provided online for download. It goes without saying that all sponsors will be named. Call for sponsorship We would like to invite all organisations and users utilizing GeoExt to sponsor the codesprint. Become a sponsor and benefit from the new functions that will be implemented. If you have questions or interest in sponsoring the codesprint with any amount please do not hesitate to contact us at