MoMo status workshop in Mongolia

This years’ workshop (May 15-17, 2012) regarding the status of the project Integrated Water Ressources Management: Model Region Mongolia (MoMo) funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) takes place in Darkhan, the second largest city of the country, located approximately 250 km north of the Mongolian capital Ulan-Bator. Two years worth of work have already been accomplished of the 3 year project and accordingly tight is the timetable that is to convey the results using talks, workshops and on-site visits to all stakeholders involved. Subjects of the workshops included:
  • Hydrologic relevance of climate change
  • Landuse change and its hydrological implications
  • Groundwater monitoring, -modelling and -simulation
  • Assessment of ecological quality using bio indicators
  • Nutrient balances
  • Integrative sanitation system for the city of Darkhan
  • Current situation of water supply and wastewater treatment in the city of Darkhan
  • Pilot operation of a Waste Water Treatment Plant in Darkhan and Orkhon Sum
  • Waste water treatment with integrated wood production
  • River Basin Management in Mongolia
  • Fishery management in the Onon catchment
  • The impact of education on IWRM outside of the classroom
Since all research is taking place in a spatial context a professional geoinformation management is indispensible and in the current case is being provided by terrestris. Only one day into the workshop it is already clear that substantial results have been achieved that have already attracted attention even outside of Mongolia.