QGIS open house at terrestris

Till Adams (terrestris GmbH & Co. KG) and Dr. Horst Düster (Sourcepole AG, Schweiz) informed participants from public administrations and from industry about the Open Source Desktop GIS “Quantum GIS (QGIS)”. The event was “sold out” meaning all places were occupied while the participation itself was free of charge.
The agenda contained classics like “Quantum GIS Desktop” but also extensions like “QGIS WMS Server”, the “Print Composer”, the “QGIS Cloud” and “QGIS Mobile” for Android. Jürgen Treptow, GIS Manager of the City of Soest, retraced the change regarding the use of GIS in the municipality which has been using QGIS since 2010. This example was to show the potential of QGIS and how expense can be reduced that is generated through long-term support-contracts that many proprietary software vendors require customers to sign. At the end Mr. Düster introduced the concept of “QGIS Enterprise”. This is a support and maintenance contract covering the complete QGIS-stack that offers unlimited bugfixing next to regular support services. QGIS Enterprise will be available in Germany through terrestris. Don’t hesitate to talk to us should you be interested!