FOSS4G in Nottingham

It is interesting what is being done with web maps these days: Tell your story with maps. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about the Settlement History of North America or the development of the New York Subway. The underlying technology is a solution that considers itself a Geosolutions Content Management System. Apart from this the day was focused on the QGIS-project, which has just now released the new version 2.0. An overview of the new features can be found here: By now QGIS is much more than a pure Desktop-GIS, because with QGIS-Server and the QGIS-Client based on OpenLayers and GeoExt QGIS represents a solution for a complete SDI. Also very interesting for people who before tied their fingers in knots compiling SLDs, is the possibility to save QGIS map styles as SLDs which can be directly used with geoserver. The first day ended with the social event whose culinary delights came from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and which was rounded off by some british comedy.