Lectures and workshops by terrestris at the FOSS4G conference in Bonn 2016

From the 24th to 26th of August, the FOSS4G conference takes place in Bonn. We from the company terrestris will be there as well and offer the following lectures and workshops:

– What’s new and cool in OpenLayers Andreas Hocevar (Boundless), Marc Jansen (terrestris GmbH & Co. KG)

– IWRM in Mongolia (MoMo): Managing geodata with SHOGun and empowering the people Hinrich Paulsen (terrestris GmbH & Co. KG)

– GeoExt3 – Universal WebGIS applications with OpenLayers 3 und ExtJS 6 Christian Mayer (meggsimum), Marc Jansen (terrestris GmbH & Co.KG)

– Introduction to OpenLayers (http://2016.foss4g.org/ws16.html) Andreas Hocevar (Boundless), Tobias Sauerwein (Camptocamp), Marc Jansen (terrestris GmbH & Co. KG)

– Creating WebGIS Applications with GeoExt 3 (http://2016.foss4g.org/ws30.html) Christian Mayer (meggsimum), Kai Volland (terrestris GmbH & Co. KG), Johannes Weskamm (terrestris GmbH & Co. KG)

– Enterprise class deployment for GeoServer and GeoWebcache: Optimizing performances and robustness (http://2016.foss4g.org/ws38.html) Daniel Koch (terrestris GmbH & Co. KG), Nils Bühner (terrestris GmbH & Co. KG), André Henn (terrestris GmbH & Co. KG), Simone Giannecchini (GeoSolutions)

The exact time of each lecture has not yet been determined but will be published soon at: http://foss4g2016.org/programme.html