FOSS4G in Bonn


Great weather and more than 1,000 geo experts from around the world made the 10th FOSS4G in Bonn a complete success. The conference took place from 21st to 28th of August 2016. The company terrestris was not only participating in the conference as a sponsor: general manager and Chair of the conference, Till Adams, had a leading part in organizing and carrying out the conference. On top of that, terrestris contributed to the content in terms of lectures and workshops.

Beginning and end of the conference were characterized by Codesprints, for which developers of different OpenSource-projects met at the Basecamp Bonn in an exclusive atmosphere. On 22nd and 23rd of August workshops on OpenSource-GIS-Software were offered and participants had the chance put their questions to the core developers. A novelty of the conference was the B2B-meeting where entrepreneurs could present their company and establish new contacts.

The former plenary hall of the German parliament in the World Conference Center Bonn served as a suitable centre of the conference: between the 24th and the 26th of August, numerous lectures where given in there. Those lectures can be viewed online:

Lectures offered by the company terrestris and its employees are listed here:

In addition to that terrestris was involved in the following workshops:

  • Introduction to OpenLayers
  • Creating WebGIS Applications with GeoExt3
  • Enterprise class deployment for GeoServer and GeoWebcache: Optimizing performances and robustness

The conference was rounded off with different social events. Five pubs in Bonn old town were declared “official FOSS4G pubs” for the duration of the conference so that the participants could let the evening away in company. After the first day in the WCCB, surprise guest enlivened the Icebreaker event at the Basecamp Conn with a musical performance. The peak of the socializing was the gala event on the ship MS Rheinenergie. The great weather, excellent food as well as musical performances by Cellodion, the Queen Kings and DJ Rafa ensured an amazing atmosphere.

The FOSS4G 2016 in Bonn was a “home match” for us, the company terrestris, and we are looking forward to the FOSS4G 2017 in Boston, USA.

Numerous pictures of the conference can be seen here: