New Managing Directors at terrestris

from left to right: Torsten Brassat, Marc Jansen


With the beginning of the new year 2018, terrestris is experiencing a breath of fresh air: In addition to Till Adams and Hinrich Paulsen, we will be expanding the management board with Torsten Brassat and Marc Jansen. With this restructuring we are preparing ourselves for future challenges and want to ensure that we can continue to offer our customers the highest quality in the future. This reinforcement has the positive side-effect of setting the course for the company’s continued existence at an early stage and gives the two’ old’ managing directors room for other professional activities.

terrestris in Bonn is a central company in the German and international open source GIS community and offers technology, services and products with open source software. In the last 15 years, a small, owner-managed company has developed into a service company with 16 employees.

We have been growing in the double-digit percentage range for years. We owe this to our team, which offers our customers the highest quality and outstanding services. In order to further expand this course and adapt it to the changing market, we have to constantly reposition ourselves.

We are pleased to introduce our two new managing directors to you. On the left in the picture is our newcomer Torsten Brassat, 40 years young, married, 2 children. Torsten Brassat has been working in the GIS and CAFM environment for the last 15 years. In 2016 he supported the organisation team of FOSS4G in Bonn, where terrestris Managing Director Till Adams served as Chairman. At terrestris, Torsten Brassat will primarily be responsible for marketing, sales, projects, finance and human resources.

On the right side of the picture you can see Marc Jansen, 37 years young, married, 2 children. Marc has been with terrestris almost from the beginning. He was mainly active in technical areas such as application development, strategies, new technologies, open source base development and most recently technical management. Marc has represented terrestris in many cases at major events, such as the FOSS4G in Boston in summer 2017. As Managing Director, Marc Jansen will focus primarily on the areas of focused core and application development, quality assurance and its organization, general technological orientation and placement, as well as the area of research and development.

Our managing directors Till Adams and Hinrich Paulsen are delighted with the new and energetic support and, together with Torsten Brassat and Marc Jansen, continue to look optimistically into the future of terrestris.

From left to right: Hinrich Paulsen, Torsten Brassat, Marc Jansen, Till Adams