Summer party “Bratwurst, Bier und GIS” by terrestris & mundialis

Last Friday, 8th June 2018, the summer party “Bratwurst, Bier und GIS” was held for the third time in a row by the companies terrestris and mundialis. The event was launched three years ago to promote networking and the exchange of information, which was also well and gladly used by all those present.

After the summer had already spread out in Bonn for a few days, it should start with rain and thunderstorms exactly on this Friday. To be on the safe side, tents were procured and erected at short notice. But the luck was on our side and shortly before the start of the event the weather was on its best side again. So it could go off confidently.

An exciting and varied programme of lectures at the beginning of the event represented the “GIS” part of the event, even if not all lectures were purely related to the topic of “geoinformation”.

We started at 1 pm with a relaxed Come Together, during which the first talks took place and the lecturers were able to clarify the last details. Till Adams (terrestris and mundialis) officially opened the event at 2 pm. After the 60 or so guests were welcomed, the well-attended conference room became the venue for the various lectures listed below:

  • “Development of a GDI to support route planning at Deutsche Telekom”
    Torsten Drey, Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH
  • “Digital Communities in Bonn”
    Sascha Foerster,
  • “Back to the roots – the development of the next version of the OGC WFS standard”
    Sven Böhme, interactive instruments
  • “Open data is great! But how do I find what I need?”
    Sebastian Goerke, Sopra Steria Consulting
  • “Copernicus Service, Early Warning”
    Dr. Michael Judex, Federal Office for Civil Protection
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Teamwork: Markus Neteler (mundialis) and Marc Jansen (terrestris) provide for liquid cooling


To live up to the name of the event, the speakers were rewarded with a bottle of exclusive beer at the end of each lecture by Till Adams. On behalf of terrestris and mundialis, we would like to thank everyone involved for the exciting presentations.

Just in time for the end of the five lectures, our trainees Jonas Grieb and Hannes Blitza took care of the guests and distributed the first grilled sausages to our guests. Two refrigerators, which were filled to the top with an illustrative selection of various beers and, of course, non-alcoholic beverages.

Our expectations of once again creating a forum for exchange and getting to know regional actors, customers, business partners and friends were fully met. We are looking forward to part 4 of “Bratwurst, Bier und GIS” in early summer 2019.

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