News from GeoStyler

In the previous blog entry the project GeoStyler was already presented. This blog entry introduces the new features in GeoStyler that have been incorporated in the last weeks. One focus here is on internal technical changes. At the same time, we publish a status report with a focus on functionality that is less technical.


GeoStyler now supports customization to other languages. Language packages for English and German are already available and can be used. Additional languages can easily be added. Just save a new language file in src/locale/ and include it in GeoStyler.

Approximation to SLD specification

Further approximations to the SLD specification of GeoStyler style, parsers and GUI were made.
List of objectives that have already been solved/are still open 

  • WellKnownNames can be used
  • Extension of WellKnownNames by Geostyler-specific WellKnownNames (e.g. shape://slash, shape://horline) – Here are some examples:
  • A rule can now contain several symbollizers. Among other things, simple point symbols can be merged into complex symbols and line styles can be combined with different dash patterns.

    Result of the above workflow in the video in detail:

    Result of the above workflow in the video in detail:

  • LineLineSymbolizer supports LineCap, LineJoin, LineDashOffset, PerpendicularOffset*
  • LineSymbolizer supports GraphicFill* and GraphicStroke*
  • FillSymbolizer supports GraphicFill*
  • TextSymbolizer supports halo and rotation

    Result of the above workflow in the video in detail:

* not included in the OpenLayers API. Therefore not shown in the preview.

Next destinations

Nested filters: In the future it should be possible to nest filters to meet the requirements for the generation of complex filters.

WMS Preview: The GeoStyler library should be extended by a component that allows to get a preview of the style by GetMap Request. This ensures that the preview corresponds 1:1 to the defined SLDs.

New Layout: Another demo is to be created, which represents an alternative layout based on the existing components in GeoStyler. This layout should be based on the current style editor in QGIS.

Bug fixing: GeoStyler has collected some issues that will be fixed in the near future. In addition, components and parsers should become more robust. This includes clean interception and propagation of errors, as well as the collection of code coverage.

Further support

All interested parties are cordially invited to participate in the project. Any kind of contribution is welcome:

  • Testing the application
  • Bug reports and feature requests
  • Enhancement of documentation
  • Code contributions / implementations

Source code on github:
Online documentation: