PROGEMIS® water management and information system

On behalf of Stowasserplan GmbH & Co. KG from Radebeul near Dresden, terrestris co-developed the web-based geoinformation system PROGEMIS®.

The PROGEMIS® software is a process-supported water management and information system that provides technical support and organisational relief to state authorities, local authorities and associations in particular, as well as to executing companies and local residents. The systematics of PROGEMIS® essentially comprises a control cycle consisting of a basic plan, work plan and documentation, which enables a regular plan update and as such efectiveley organises the management of water bodies.

An important role in the development of PROGEMIS® is also played by the participation of stakeholders, such as communication with supervisory authorities and the public.

PROGEMIS® can be used to document the objectives and actions of watercourse development and maintenance, which serve both ecological watercourse enhancement and flood prevention, and additionaly their implementation. The actors responsible for watercourse maintenance determine the actions to be implemented at the respective watercourse sections and commission external companies or their own employees (e.g. municipal building yard) with the implementation. In turn, the contractors document their work on site in the system so that it can be checked and approved by the responsible person.

Via the search module, the user has fast and direct access to the sections of water to be processed. The search is supported by a localisation of the data to be determined on the map application, which can be based on the data from OpenStreetMap. OpenData services can also be easily integrated into the system to support the work.

A comprehensive catalogue of actions – the so called Maßnahmenkatalog – explains numerous types of measures that can be used in the context of water maintenance and development. The catalogue of actions is systematically structured and contains consistent descriptions of measures. Depending on the actor, the necessary explanations of the measures can be called up quickly and easily via PROGEMIS®. Thus each user receives the necessary information on the goal, execution details or status of the respective measure within the scope of his activity.

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