FOSS4G 2019 in Bucharest

And again 3 years have passed, because every 3 years the FOSS4G, the international conference of the Open Source Geo-Community, will take place again in Europe. After 2016 in Bonn, the conference will take place this year in Bucharest and thus for the first time in an Eastern European country.

After having to travel long distances to Boston 2017 and Dar Es Salam 2018, we are happy for a short trip to Bucharest this year. Our two representatives, Johannes Weskamm and Till Adams are lookig forward to a professional exchange and the opportunity to maintain personal relations with the different international players in our community during this years’ FOSS4G.

terrestris supports the organizers of the conference as a sponsor, furthermore we will enrich the conference program with 2 talks presenting open source tools that complement our core technology. With the lecture “SHOGun, GeoServer & QGIS Integration: Manage WebGIS Applications from your Desktop” we will present our QGIS extension. This extension allows to manage GeoServer layers as well as SHOGun layers and applications via QGIS. We see this extension as an important part of the system integration between WebGIS and Desktop GIS.

In our 2nd presentation we, together with Christian Mayer, will present the new Open Source project “GeoStyler, a generic graphical style editor for geodata”, which was developed last year in cooperation with the company meggsimum, to the OSGeo community for the first time. GeoStyler was already prototypically integrated as a PlugIn into the GeoServer and various browsers, also GeoStyler is already used in some of our projects within SHOGun. With this presentation we hope to inspire a larger community for the project and to build a broader base for further development. With GeoStyler you can create styles for OpenLayers and GeoServers (among others) via an appealing user interface.

In addition to our own contributions, we are co-contributor of the following two talks:

  • From paper to pods: Revolutionised fibre planning process at Deutsche Telekom AG with FOSS4G components
  • When building, maintaining & continuously improving a SDI isn’t enough: DevOps processes to the rescue
  • State of GeoExt

These contributions were submitted by a consortium working closely together in the field of building a spatial data infrastructure for fiber optic network expansion.

We would be delighted to meet you as well as many customers, acquaintances, friends and business partners as possible at the end of August at the Romanian National Theatre in Bucharest. You can register here.