Covid-19 and how we as a company can help

Our daily life is dominated by news about the corona crisis right now, and we as a company have of course reacted accordingly: All employees at terrestris/mundialis are free to work from their homes. To do our work adequately and on time we in our field of activity are to a large extent not dependent on the office in Bonn. We were thus able to make it possible for our employees to take care of their families and at the same time protect themselves and others from further spreading the virus. Furthermore, we have postponed (for the time being until April 20th) all planned external appointments or have arranged for them to take place as online meetings. For our customers and partners everything should feel as usual, in short, we as companies are fully operational.
The above is for us the minimal reaction to the challenges of this special time. In addition, we want to offer other things that can be a small contribution to mastering the challenges. We have been offering a lot of free map services for a long time. In addition, there are so-called premium versions of our services, which for example ensure higher performance and availability. Anyone who would like to use one of these services to work on overcoming the crisis is very welcome to contact us at; we will quickly and unbureaucratically get you set up.
If, in addition, our terrestris/mundialis team can help with its know-how on GIS, geodata or remote sensing (and much more), please contact us. We would like to share our knowledge and are available for inquiries at
Together we will get through this extraordinary time.