Optimized publishing of map and dataservices with GeoServer, GeoStyler, GeoWebCache and MapProxy

On June, 17th.the FOSS4G UK 2020 Online remote conference takes place. In addition to a number of other FOSS4G events that will be held online and after some sometimes painful cancellations (e.g. cancellation of the global FOSS4G Conference 2020 Calgary) we are very excited about the format of an online conference, which is not so familiar to us either. And even though it will be difficult to realize such important social networking opportunities at an online conference, we are happy to participate in this event.

Till Adams will enrich the conference with his contribution “Optimized publishing of map and dataservices with GeoServer, GeoStyler, GeoWebCache and MapProxy”.

In the lecture one technical solution for the construction of geo data services with the open source components GeoServer/GeoWebCache, GeoStyler and MapProxy will be presented. While only a few years ago the existence of geo data services based on a uniform API alone caused admiration, today, more than 10 years after INSPIRE, we are much further ahead. With UMN MapServer, GeoServer, deegree or even QGIS Server – to name just a few – there are a number of software packages in the open source world with which are capable to convert geodata into standardized services. Once published as WMS (or other service such as WFS), a whole range of additional tools, functions and interfaces can be accessed. Thus, the user is often faced with the question of which tools to use to achieve an optimal result in the shortest possible time.

In the talk we will present a proven solution for the development of high-performance geodata services. We would like to show functions, possibilities and interactions of GeoServer & GeoWebCache with the projects GeoStyler and MapProxy The presentation is peppered with some hints about styling, performance tuning and caching of services. The lecture will take place on 17.06. between 16:00h – 16:45h. Registration for the conference is free of charge.

One example of a service based on these components is our worldwide available OpenStreetMap WebMapService, which is provided by us as a free to use, but also as a premium service.