Our profession is very specialized. Therefore we need a network consisting of partners sharing our philosophy and also partners, whose expertize is outstanding. With the here listed companies and agencies we foster very close connections.
  • Boundless
    “Bringing the best open source geospatial software to organizations around the world.” Website
  • Metaspatial
    Open Source GIS Consulting and Certification Website
  • Sourcepole
    Service provider for Linux and Open Source Solutions, especially around QGIS Website
  • GBD Consult
    Services and trainees for QGIS and GRASS GIS Website
  • Services and trainees for WebGIS, GDI and Open Source GIS-Software Website
  • ForestFinest Consulting eG
    ForestFinest Consulting is a leading consultancy service provider for sustainable land use projects. ForestFinest Consulting assists companies, impact investors, non-governmental and public organizations in the development, implementation and certification of land use projects worldwide. Website