We ensure your operation!

One of the many benefits of open source software is the low entry barrier. You can usually test and use the software with little effort. Once you use the software in a business context however, we often hear the argument that no one is responsible and that there is no guarantee of operation and the developers could already be doing something else tomorrow. This operational safety issue in the past has often prevented the exchange of proprietary software with Free Software.

Free and Open Source Software usually offers much greater flexibility over proprietary software. While not without operating costs it is often more economical and at any rate more sustainable. To help you make this transition to greater flexibility at lower costs, we offer in cooperation with our partner companies boundless & geosolutions maintenance and support for the following open source software projects:

  • PostGIS
  • GeoServer
  • OpenLayers
  • GeoExt
  • SHOGun

Of course, we also offer for all applications developed by us individual and customized maintenance and support packages.