SHOGun – One GIS-solution for all

Geodata is not a special subject anymore that specialists work on in secluded rooms at the back. On the contrary: They are almost ubiquitous in apps and portals and are an important tool in businesses and government. But often data and tools to work with are not readily available. Especially in larger organizations (different) spatial data and georeferenced themes are frequently used in many places for very different purposes, in different qualities and levels of detail. Centralized management is then easily overwhelmed. But to maintain individual spatial data and applications in each department is also not a solution. In other words:
  • You are looking for a solution that equips all workplaces across the organization with spatial data?
  • You want one solution for all requirements? For those who just need to have a look at a map as well as the experts gathering and analysing geospatial data?
  • You do not want to worry (anymore) about software licenses, number of jobs and parallel usages?
  • You just want to keep on using existing (geo-) data and associated specialist applications and maintain them as before?
  • You would like to make select data available to the public via a geoportal?
  • You would like to directly influence the development of your GIS solution at any time?
  • You are looking for a GIS solution that integrates into the existing IT?

If among these are also your questions and claims, you should consider SHOGun more closely.

For a first impression visit the Live Demo or have a look at SHOGun architecture

12 reasons for using SHOGun

1. With and within SHOGun the development of specific applications is possible. The secret: WPS – Web Processing Service. This is the official standard for realizing complex analysis and data requests online.

2. SHOGun is not just a simple webbased GIS solution; it is also a complete webbased GIS that covers many tools that are usually offered by desktop-based GIS.

3. SHOGun is based on an intelligent and long-term applied software architecture. The name SHOGun is an acronym based on the most important modules of the software: Spring, Hibernate, Openlayers, GeoServer und noch (German for “and more”) behind which there is a long-term approved and developed Open Source Software with a broad, worldwide community of developers.

4. SHOGun is a GIS, that includes its own Geodata infrastructure. Instead of many data formats SHOGun generally works with OGC-compliant services.

5. SHOGun adapts to your organisation – not the other way round. On a technical basis SHOGun fits into any existing IT- environment – visually and functionally.

6. SHOGun integrates existing and approved webbased applications with or without GIS-functionality via an open interface. This way SHOGun offers these applications the possibility to handle Geodata.

7. With SHOGun map printouts can be easily done. Even though the main focus of SHOGun as a web GIS is managing digital data – but every so often there is also a need for reasonable printouts. No problem with SHOGun: select box on map, insert title, description and scale and print in high definition even up to a DIN A0 format.

8. SHOGun handles webbased data publishing basically along the way because the Geodata infrastructure is already included.

9. SHOGun can simply be set up by the customer, because our software delivers all modulators and buttons that are needed to arrange any GIS-application you want in a quick and easy way.

10. SHOGun is entirely licensed as Open Source, which enables the customer to use SHOGun on as many workstations and/or installations as needed.

11. SHOGun will be developed further. The modular concept of SHOGun allows further development quite easily – innovations will be adapted, individual innovations based on customers‘ demands find their place in the architecture as a whole.

12. SHOGun offers every workstation exactly the tools and data that are needed –­ nothing more and nothing less.

This is where you can download the information regarding SHOGun as PDF