FOSS4G 2022: Off to Florence!




At the end of August, FOSS4G 2022 will take place in the heart of Tuscany, at the Firenze Fiera Congress & Exhibition Center in Florence. After the cancellation of the conference in Calgary in 2020 due to Corona and the online conference from Buenos Aires in 2021, the next FOSS4G conference in presence will take place in Europe again after Bucharest in 2019.
The host city of Florence, the city on the River Arno nicknamed “La Bella”, has much to offer: As the heart of Tuscany, it forms a culinary stronghold, boasts a rich history in the course of which it hosted Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Galileo Galilei; Florence is today the eighth largest city in Italy and was chosen by Forbes magazine as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, “La Bella” in fact.

It is with some anticipation that we look forward to the days between 22 and 28 August. The core conference is traditionally framed by 2 workshop days before and a code sprint after. During the core conference, lectures will be presented in 7 rooms and in an online channel in parallel. The main topics “Transition to FOSS4G”, “State of Software”, “Use cases & applications”, “Open Data” and “Education” will provide orientation for visitors, as each presentation is assigned to one of these topics.

We from terrestris will also be represented at the conference with these contributions:

One innovation that will probably remain thanks to Corona is the possibility to participate in the conference both on-site and online. If you want to save time and money, you can participate online, but you will miss the legendary atmosphere at the conference itself. So follow us, we look forward to welcoming you on site – off to Florence!